President’s Message


In this globalized world change is inevitable, we should never forget that we are key people in building and sustaining civilization. Being from a nation that has been destroyed by the decades of war; I acknowledged my duty in rebuilding this great nation. You will agree with me when I state that all engineers have a key role to play in the development of the infrastructure in any country in the globe. This key role is not limited to power and energy, water supply, transportation or the environment. It also extends to housing, railways, roads, highways and bridges, irrigation, telecommunications, airports and harbors, information technology and scores of other specializations and sub-sections therein

A trained Civil Engineer in Canada and an accomplished professional in engineering, procurement and construction
management, I revitalized the vision of being part of great change in rebuilding the Republic of South Sudan. On the wake of the historic birth of the country, came a realization and birth of Liberty Engineering. There is widespread recognition of the growing need for engineers and the organizations that employ them to create a new engineering culture that encourages lifelong learning with an aim to influence the rise of a group of competent
young engineers.

At Liberty, we seek to contribute to boosting the markets of the country and of the region; specifically, the engineering and construction. And at the same time, reassure through our tools and expertise to offer high profile consultancy. Together, with a strong contribution from each other, we will succeed in shifting South Sudanese Infrastructure on the global map.
With very best regards,
Benjamin Manyiel Majok Mawel, P. Eng.
President and CEO.



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